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Celebrating The Differences Of Each And Every Toddler

Toddlers are curious – growing and learning fast. This is the time when children learn to use words and speak, The Elegant Child Early Learning Center teachers plan activities to help them explore and master their new skills. We believe that by promoting purposeful play in a safe, organized environment, our toddlers develop and strengthen their new independence. Our teachers modify educational experiences based on children’s interests and strengths while recognizing each child individually.

At the age of two they also begin to participate in our Spanish, Cooking, and Outdoor Classroom programs. Our skilled teachers will facilitate potty training when your child is ready, and will be there to continue to love and nurture your little one.

Growing Together

You’ll love watching your child learn how to interact with others. They’ll develop empathy and understanding for others and love being part of a group from a young age. These skills will set them up for a lifetime of successfully communicating with others and learning how to work together to achieve success.

Teacher watching two boys eat.

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